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Mg Mivela

Why is magnesium good for your health?

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  •  Spring

    The natural Mg Mivela spring is situated in the area of Veluće village near Trstenik.

  • Nature

    Nature has endowed Veluće village with a spring of mineral water which, by its quality and composition, exceeds world standards.


1 liter of Mg Mivela mineral water satisfies the daily need for magnesium. As a result of the decreasing presence of magnesium in food and drinking water, the human population is already significantly compromised due to a lack of magnesium in the body. Mineral water Mg Mivela with its 343 mg of magnesium per liter is recommended for people of all ages, with no limiting factors.

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Mg Mivela

The main benefit of Mg Mivela is high presence of magnesium




By virtue of it’s composition and characteristics, Mg Mivela is distinctive to it’s region, and the entire world.

Specifically, the high quantity and quality of naturally occurring electrolytes make Mg Mivela extremely unique and remarkable.

1 liter of Mg Mivela natural sparkling mineral water contains:




Magnesium is one of the most important intracellular minerals. Over 300 vital cell reactions are directly dependent on the presence and quantity of this mineral.

Mg Mivela is characterized by high level of soluble magnesium. Namely, Mg Mivela contains 343 mg of magnesium per liter. Comparative analyses have shown that Mg Mivela contains adequate ratios and quantities of elements such as magnesium, calcium and sodium. The high level of Mg ++ classifies it as the type of water that is recommended for daily use. Based on the beneficial effects that magnesium has on the human body, Mg Mivela, mineral water may be classified among waters with additional benefits that improve health.

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Mg Mivela

Beneficial effect on the health of the heart


Magnesium contributes to stabilization of heart activity

Magnesium, which exists in a form suitable for rapid entry into blood circulation, reduces blood vessel tonus and stabalizes heart activity. In addition, magnesium has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Magnesium contributes to blood pressure stabilization

Magnesium stabilizes blood pressure in two ways: magnesium reduces the peripheral resistance by reducing the tonus of the smooth vascular muscle cells by stabilizing heart activity which directly influences the blood pressure values.

Magnesium participates in the regulation of blood sugar levels

The magnesium in Mg Mivela facilitates the binding of insulin to the receptors of the cellular membrane and thereby supports the reduction of blood sugar levels.

Magnesium improves diuresis

The magnesium in Mg Mivela acts by stimulating the kidneys to increase the volume of urine secretion. This is significant for blood pressure values as well as in the therapy of various urinary infections, supporting also more rapid elimination of possibly present concrements. Increased diuresis resulting from intake of Mg Mivela facilitates the elimination of microlithiasis, and in case larger concrements are present, the magnesium in Mg Mivela present in the urinary tract displaces calcium from the concrements and in this way transforms the stone, otherwise insoluble in water, into fragile, water soluble creations which are much easier to eliminate naturally.

Magnesium speeds up the body’s recovery after physical efforts

One of the factors of fatigue and causes of prolonged recovery after fatigue is a reduced quantity of intracellular magnesium. For individuals involved in physical work, and especially for athletes and people practicing sports as a recreation, the factors of fatigue and causes of prolonged recovery after fatigue are eliminated with the intake of Mg Mivela water. For this reason, it is recommended to all those involved in physical activities, irrespective of age, and particularly to those involved in organized physical activity (athletes) that they drink Mg Mivela in the course of the sports activities. That is why Mg Mivela is recommended to everybody involved in sports.

Magnesium helps the general state of body metabolism

Drinking Mg Mivela ensures stabilization of cellular functions, which contributes to the regulation of the body’s entire metabolic functions.

Magnesium protects and maintains normal levels of magnesium in the body

Drinking Mg Mivela ensures a constant concentration of magnesium in the body without big oscillations, which can occur by taking magnesium supplements which often have adverse effects.

Magnesium improves the functioning of the nervous system

In situations of physical stress, increased tension and anxiety, a consequence may be reduced levels of cellular magnesium. Drinking Mg Mivela mitigates the body’s reactions to stress stimuli.

Magnesium helps in maintaining the immune system

The magnesium in Mg Mivela has a strong relation with the immune system. Specifically increasing the functional ability of the defense system at a cellular level.

Magnesium and beauty

Drinking Mg Mivela, i.e. the intake of its minerals, has a significant role in implementing the programs of individual or organized maintenance of the current appearance, maintenance of the current quality of life and its improvement in various body revitalization programs (wellness programs) as well as in programs against aging (anti-age programs).

Magnesium and pregnancy

Magnesium in Mg Mivela aids in the development of normal pregnancy. It has been proven that reduced magnesium concentration is a significant pathogenic factor for the occurrence of premature birth. For this reason, Mg Mivela is recommended to all pregnant women in view of its effects on diuresis and functions of the cardiovascular system.


Mg Mivela is classified in the category of mineral waters for which no limiting factors exist for intake into the body. It should be particularly emphasized that the magnesium in Mg Mivela exists in a form that is soluble and easily transportable from the intestines into the blood. This rapid absorption by the digestive tract ensures a constant presence of magnesium in the body without oscillations typical for the intake of magnesium in a different form. The osmolality of Mg Mivela mineral water is very close to the osmolality of body fluids, which is another of the unique, advantageous properties of this water. There are no limiting factors, like age and heath conditions, for the intake of Mg Mivela. Everyone can drink Mg Mivela and expect only the beneficial effects of magnesium as well as its pleasant and refreshing taste.

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Mg Mivela

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Magnesium from Mg Mivela exists in a form that can be absorbed and used in the body for vital functions without any unwanted side effects on digestion. Mg Mivela is a natural mineral water with the highest concentration of magnesium that the body can utilize.

The quantity of magnesium in 1 liter of Mg Mivela mineral water satisfies the body’s daily needs for this mineral.

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